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Collaborating with Iván Solano

As part of my process during the recording of the album Strangeness is gratitude, I had the plan to invite a friend of mine, clarinet player and composer Iván Solano, to mix two tracks. I don't really know why, but I wanted him to be a guest artist for the mix. Aside from a dear friend, Iván is a remarquable musician and artist. He speaks at least 5 languages fluently and navigates as easily between styles of music than he does between words. He is never where I expect him to be and yet he is everywhere. Collaborating with him has always been full of wonderful surprises, and one of the biggest of those surprises happened when I received his two tracks, that he entitled Ida's Dream I and II. They are in fact complete reworks, recompositions, re-shaping of the sonic world I had imagined. I gave him sounds, like words, and he gave back the story to be told with them, with the sets, another depth, and a deeper meaning.

I invite you to listen to those tracks and to keep an ear on that fellow...

His website: Iván Solano

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