I have been scavenging reverberant spaces for a while now. Old warehouses, tunnels, silos and odd places fascinate me for their acoustic and their vibe. Playing in a place where walls listen and answer, where ceiling and ground become sonic partners, is one of my favor...


The Space Between Us


A new chapter in my artistic life has begun as my duet Jane/KIN settled at the SAT a few weeks ago for the first session of a creative residency, which will lead to the presentation of our work I is IIII is IIIIIIIIIII from May 16 to 19.

We work with two dear partn...


Some stories take time to unfold and live their life. Like trees during the winter, they appear to be dormant from an exterior perspective, but continue to write their own chapters.

Chercher Noise, a work for baritone saxophone and live electronic by composer Jimmie Leb...


As part of my process during the recording of the album Strangeness is gratitude, I had the plan to invite a friend of mine, clarinet player and composer Iván Solano, to mix two tracks. I don't really know why, but I wanted him to be a guest artist for the mix. Aside f...


I had an amazing moment at the Music Gallery in Toronto, a few weeks ago.

To listen to to Kat Estacio and Ricardo Diaz Gomez and play...


Je suis entrée dans un grand bâtiment qui héberge une multitude d'ateliers de confection, d'ateliers d'artistes, de bureaux, ainsi qu'une étonnante cage d'escalier bleue. Un bleu qui n'a jamais vu la couleur du ciel, tout replié qu'il est sur sa cage d'escaliers. On y...

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