We Become Giants

Recorded in at the Tank Center for Sonic Arts in Colorado during the fall 2018, and transformed at Studio Makina in Montreal by sound artist Blaise Borboën-Léonard, We Become Giants is now out on L.A. label Dragon's eye Recordings

Strangeness is Gratitude

Recorded in a reverberant space during the spring 2016, Strangeness is Gratitude is a sonic experience through, inside and with sound. I have composed the 7 tracks by sending notes out in an abandoned warehouse, listened to how they sound in the space, and the space sounds with them. It's a sonic travel inside the shared intimacy of a huge space and my baritone saxophone.


Toninato / Thiessen duo-------------------The Space Between Us

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JUNO Award nominated!

2019, Instrumental Album of the Year

JUNO Awards - 2019 - Nominated - Instrumental album of the year

The Space Between Us

Composed and recorded in 2017 with viola and viola d'amore player Jennifer Thiessen, The Space Between Us is an intimate conversation between two very contrasting and deeply toned instruments.

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