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About Strangeness is Gratitude
Kohlenstoff Records
Debut Solo Album, 2016

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About We Become Giants
Dragon's eye Recordings [DEC 0631], 2020
Solo album

"The album is a marvel of technique and emotion, of patience and careful post-production, combining long near-silences with beautiful and terrifying reverberant tones that multiply in fractal form, each detail as rich and intense as its source. It celebrates the grandness of sound in space, but occasionally, as with the tiny voice that whispers amidst the rumble at the beginning of "Pour Retourner Au Silence," it underlines our tiny place in that universe."

Eric Hill, Exclaim!, February 2020

"And yet, for all its use of silence, this album of drawn-out compositions is nothing if not a towering work of momentous gravity, and sublime vastness."

By the Ambientologist_yt, March 2020

"The overall feel is cinematic and ominous, with some similarities to the soundtrack for the movie Arrival by Jóhann Jóhannsson."

By Mike Borella @Avant Music News, March 2020

About The Space Between Us
Ambiances Magnétiques [AM 236, 2017]
Duo with Jennifer Thiessen

 "The Space Between Us serves as a high point of that year’s recordings, and provides some superb listening."

By Mike Borella, Avant Music News, June 2019

Check out the full review list HERE.

« Ida Toninato : arme de construction massive. L’écoute de l’auditeur se contorsionne autour

de ce fin tissu pour en admirer les différents plis, et ce spectre lumineux se déploie si lentement

dans l’espace qu’on le regarde passer et voler au loin avant de s’éteindre dans le silence


Par Pierre-Luc Sénécal, paru dans le Voir, 15 avril 2016

"I imagine Toninato listening to the sound draining from the walls, like someone throwing a

stone into a river and then quietly examining the intricacies of the splash. It’s a beautiful

process of call and cryptic response."

In ATTN:MAGAZINE, May 30, 2016

"A Baritone Saxophone player with an ear for the avant garde, Toninato has put together something really beautiful that grabs your attention from the beginning and truly transports its observer to another dimension.  Minimalism is the root of it all but Toninato’s music just has a presence about it.  Really powerful stuff."

By Donovan Burtan, positivelyunderground, DB, 20 avril 2017

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