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About ---------------------- Strangeness is Gratitude

"Highlights include Wanderers, the fragile Frissonneur de nuit and the grieving, haunted growls of Désir. Lest we forget, the final instants of Hymne, where Ida’s anthem concludes our travel, brings us, humble sound explorers, a bit closer to the stars."

Musicworks : http://bit.ly/2cx76t6


Silence and sound : http://bit.ly/1rvJZn2

"L’écoute de l’auditeur se contorsionne autour de ce fin tissu pour en admirer les différents plis, et ce spectre lumineux se déploie si lentement dans l’espace qu’on le regarde passer et voler au loin avant de s’éteindre dans le silence obscur."


Voir, Pierre-Luc Sénécal, 15 avril 2016


""I imagine Toninato listening to the sound draining from the walls, like someone throwing a stone into a river and then quietly examining the intricacies of the splash. It’s a beautiful process of call and cryptic response."

@ ATTN:MAGAZINE : http://bit.ly/1Y01n1K

"A Baritone Saxophone player with an ear for the avant garde, Toninato has put together something really beautiful that grabs your attention from the beginning and truly transports its observer to another dimension. Minimalism is the root of it all but Toninato’s music just has a presence about it. Really powerful stuff."


Positivelyunderground, DB, April 20, 2016


"Ida Toninato begins here premier album on Kohlenstoff Records with am eerie Baritone saxophone drone piece that drips with maturity.  Wanderers is a perfect overview of Toninato’s knack for capturing her observer."


positivelyunderground, DB, April 29, 2016


Strangeness is gratitude : Danses avec l'espace

Interview avec Devin Ashton-Beaucage

Camuz, 13 mars 2016


About ------------------------------- The Space Between Us

"The whole album is solid and with a clear central vision on their music: coherent, beautifully performed and with a unique sound." ****

Stef, The free jazz collective, April 1, 2018

"A very inspired and moving meeting by these two musicians and their instruments."

Franz de Waard, Vital, #1133, May 14, 2018

"The Space Between Us serves as a high point of that year’s recordings, and provides some superb listening."

Mike Borella, Avant Music News, June 8, 2019

"Although the CD is titled The Space Between Us, the profound musical connection established by Thiessen and Toninato confirms that this gap is minimal at best."

Ken Waxman, The Whole Note, #24:1, September 1, 2018

"Ida Toninato use du baryton comme d’un archet sur le vent, quand Jennifer Thiessen exprime de l’alto la pureté d’un souffle saisi au bord des lèvres."

Joël Pagier, Revue&Corrigée #116, June 1, 2018